Online Membership Drive!

August 9, 2009


Please join us in our online membership drive: “EACH ONE, REACH ONE!”

thermometer 18To spread the word about our newly designed website, we encourage our loyal and devoted supporters to share the news about our organization and the work we do. Please recruit a member. Tell a friend. Tell a family member. Tell a co-worker. Heck, tell a stranger! Of course, you can also buy a gift membership for anyone, too! If each of us can reach a new member, then we’re well on our way to building a powerful community coalition of land conservationists.


All too often, we take our landscape for granted — from the fine symmetrical rows of our agricultural lands to the robust beauty of our valley oak trees to the wildflower fields of our foothills to the dramatic peaks of the Sierra Nevada. This is our land. And this is the land that Sequoia Riverlands Trust protects, with your help, so that our children and grandchildren can continue to admire and be inspired by the view.

Please join us in our efforts. Recruit a friend.

If you recruit two or more members, you will receive a Sequoia Riverlands Trust t-shirt. If you recruit 5 or more members, receive a t-shirt AND free family admission to one of our monthly walks. (Note: the online membership form will ask all new members if they were referred by someone, so encourage your friends to name you as a referral. Of course, if you’re a new member yourself, then you’re halfway to a t-shirt.)


Some of the things that your membership supports: