Meet an Exeter All-Star


Running past the competition…

on the field & in the coop

By Kelly Ryan, Communications Director, Sequoia Riverlands Trust

After capturing the title of women’s overall winner recently at the Sequoia Riverlands Trust 5K Trail Run on Kaweah Oaks Preserve, Andrea Anez didn’t have time to bask in the glory. She had chickens to show.

“I like perfecting chickens, trying for that perfect breed,” says this Exeter teenager. “They’re so cool looking, they intrigue me.”

Immediately after crossing the finish line Andrea headed to Porterville to show a Silky breed and a mixed Bantam at 4-H Field Day.

She won there as well, receiving second place with the Mixed Bantam she named Reba and best in breed with her Silkie called Snow White.

Andrea’s drive to excel in both running and raising chickens doesn’t seem unusual to this 13-year old.

This year’s SRT 5K trail run was her third win in a row. She captured her first women’s overall when she was just 11-years old.

“I’ve always loved to run. I run around our house, I run around my Grandma’s hill, down her dirt road, I just like it,” she says. “I like long distance best.”

She also runs in the Junior Olympics. She’s competed the past two years in the games in Nevada and Alabama and most recently took part in the Footlocker Invitational, where elite runners gather from all over the Western states.

Her mom, Kelly Anez says Andrea took to running early. “Since she was a kid she ran everywhere she went.”

She tagged along with her Dad to a 5K when she was 10 and a high school coach took notice. “He said, you’re a pretty good runner,” Andrea remembers. He encouraged her to keep it up.

She runs cross-country in the fall and track and field in the spring. She raises her chickens all year-long.

Andrea also runs her own small business selling eggs to neighbors and to her family. “My family goes through a lot of eggs so I have to sell to them to them or they’d eat all my eggs. But I give them a discount,” she giggles.

She also happens to be a 4.0 student.

“We like encouraging her but try not to put pressure on her,” says her mom. They have talked about college running programs in the future and what might be a good fit with the possibility of a scholarship. The family has looked into Stanford’s running program and Andrea likes that idea, but knows she’s got time to think about it.

In the meantime she enjoys her busy schedule,   “I go to school, come home, run, check the chickens, do homework, then bed.”

And once a year she gets the chance to showcase her two very different interests at the same time. “I wear a chicken hat and yellow tights in the Spooky Sprint run in Visalia every year… but only at Halloween.”


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