Preserve ready for visitors: Dry Creek opens to public!

Dry Creek Preserve is now open to the public on a regular basis and it’s fun to learn a little about this amazing location and transformation. This former gravel quarry is now fully restored and is the first example of an ecologically based aggregate mine reclamation in Tulare County. Its 152 acres is also home to SRT’s native plant nursery. Dry Creek has some ecological treasures as well. It has rare sycamore alluvial woodland found in just 17 stands across central California and ranked third in size and health of all the remaining stands.
In 2004, California Portland Cement Company ended their Dry Creek gravel operations and donated the property to SRT. Twelve years of gravel mining operations significantly altered the Dry Creek streambed and resulted in the felling of numerous mature sycamores and valley oaks. Since 2004, SRT has partnered with community members, educational institutions and other conservation organizations to re-establish natural stream patterns and restore the land’s woodland vegetation with hundreds of oak and sycamore plantings and native grasses. Now, the Dry Creek Preserve once again provides critical habitat for an ever-increasing population of resident and migratory birds and supports native species such as the great blue heron, bald eagle and herds of mule deer. The preserve also has a stunning wildflower show every spring. SRT encourages everyone to come out and see this spectacular natural wonder that has been brought back to life!


3 Responses to Preserve ready for visitors: Dry Creek opens to public!

  1. Rebecca McLaurin says:

    My family is so excited that we can now explore the Dry Creek Preserve. We have passed this location when out on a “Sunday Drive” on several occasions and wished that we could get out and roam around. We are looking forward to getting out there soon (maybe even this weekend)!

    • sequoiariverlands says:

      We’d love to see pics of your family enjoying Dry Creek so if you can send us pics we’d love to post them on our Facebook if you permit us, thanks for your note!

    • Rebecca,
      It’s great to hear from folks like you who have been waiting to get out onto our Dry Creek Preserve. We’ve spent years on the mine restoration and new visitor amenities, so are excited to be able to share the place with others. We’d love to hear any feedback on your impressions of the site, wildlife you see, whether you learn something from the interpretive signs, etc. Enjoy your visit!
      Hilary Dustin, Conservation Director

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