Get Back In Touch With Nature, Walk A Preserve!

Sir David Attenborough

British Naturalist says people aren’t interacting with Nature

People in towns and cities are losing touch with the “realities of the natural world”, which is putting the future of the planet at risk, Sir David Attenborough has warned. The veteran wildlife presenter and naturalist said due to rapid urbanisation over the past 60 years, a growing number of people were not regularly coming into contact with the natural world. In an interview with Eureka magazine, published by the Times, Attenborough added, “We have a huge moral responsibility towards the rest of the planet. A hundred years ago people certainly had that … They were aware of the seasons and aware of what they were doing to the land and animals around them.” He says a majority of people are simply out of touch with the natural world and don’t even see an animal from one day to the next unless it’s a rat or a pigeon.  “


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