SRT Plans for Visitor Use & Outdoor Learning at Blue Oak Ranch

Sequoia Riverlands Trust is nearing completion of a visitor use and education plan for the Blue Oak Ranch Preserve north of Springville. This planning effort is funded by a Proposition 48 grant from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, and will enable SRT to invite visitors to to enjoy the preserve’s biological, scenic and historical values, while protecting sensitive resources.  The plan will include:

  • A resource inventory to identify important physical, biological and cultural resources to be highlighted or avoided by visitors
  • Recommendations for appropriate recreational activities, amenities, signage, interpretive materials, and ways to manage the logistics and liabilities of opening the preserve to visitor use.
  • Recommendations for education programs and partnerships that will boost the value of the preserve as an “outdoor learning laboratory.”

Springville community members joined SRT at Blue Oak Ranch on April 17, 2010 to discuss how to best utilize the preserve in a way that mutually benefits the land and the community. Approximately 50 people attended the event, including preserve neighbors,  representatives from Tulare County Back Country Horsemen, Wild Places, and local Boy Scout troops.  Participants highlighted hiking, horseback riding, group events, and service learning opportunities as desirable visitor uses.

The visitor use plan is the first step toward conservation-compatible recreational access at the Preserve. The plan will also be the guiding document as SRT seeks funding and partners for visitor amenities and preserve stewardship. If you would like to view the plan once it is complete, please e-mail


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