The New Geopolitics of Food

The New Geopolitics of Food, By Lester R. Brown; Foreign Policy Magazine

The San Joaquin Valley is the most productive agricultural region in the world. Its farmers contribute to feeding the United States in addition to sending food to many other countries. Recently, with world food prices signaling scarcity and food insecurity, the importance of our unique region and its farmers has been cast in a new light. This recent article by Foreign Policy is a broad overview to the worldwide issue that food is playing both here and abroad. Sequoia Riverlands Trust recognizes our farmland conservation work and business partnerships with farmers as an issue of national security – if we can’t feed ourselves, we will be in trouble quickly. Put another way: would we want to be dependent on importing food like we are with importing oil. More than many other places, the local economy is connected to national and global markets for the agricultural producers of the valley.


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