Seed Contest – Bring in your seeds!

Please call Andrew at 737-8637 or bring your seeds to the SRT office as we are in the collection segment of the Lupine Seed Gathering Contest. Frances and Bill Tweed are currently in the lead. Next month look for the Redbud and Poppy seed contests. Thanks again to everyone who has participated to date. These seeds will help us restore native plants where they belong.


4 Responses to Seed Contest – Bring in your seeds!

  1. Brandon says:

    How is SRT ensuring participants are collecting appropriate seed( not accidentally collective sensitive species or species not suitable for certain soils)?

    • Andrew Glazier says:

      In the original contest we stated legally collected; and btw all three species are not critically endangered. To a certain degree, we can only hope. As a non profit, we need the help of the community. If you are truly concerned, please contact me to help with collection. I am goint to be collecting button bush next.

  2. Andrew Glazier says:

    Keep em coming folks, so far the Tweeds are in the lead. We are now taking the redbud entries-remember, cleaned seeds only.

  3. Andrew Glazier says:

    Sarah Corum and her two grandsons David and Daniel are in the lead in the poppy contest. Next is the redbud segment. Keep up the good work all!

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