Let Us Gather Seeds! – 2nd Annual Seed Gathering Contest

California poppy

The wildflowers are in bloom, lighting up the hillsides and roadsides with bold color. As we enjoy every day of this spectacular season, we’d like to get you thinking about helping us collect seeds to create even more beauty.

If you’d like to be part of painting the landscape with more color for the years to come, please keep your eyes on those flowers. Sometime in April, the flowers will eventually go to seed, and we’ll need your help gathering seeds to propagate at our native plant nursery.

Land stewardship is an important part of SRT’s mission. Throughout the year, we grow thousands of native flowers, shrubs and trees that we plant on our nature preserves to help replenish native plant populations.

Bush lupine

Help us scour the hillsides of your neighborhood and collect (legally) the following seeds for this effort: Lupinus albifrons or silver bush lupine, Cercis occidentalis or western redbud, and the state flower, Eschscholzia californica or California poppy. All three plants need to show brown seed pods before they are ready to collect. Please submit seeds to Sequoia Riverlands Trust (427 S. Garden St., Visalia). Label your submissions with the kind of plant, when it was collected and where it was collected (location is very important to keeping local plant communities local). We will then weigh submissions and announce the winner. The seed gathering winner will receive a free SRT membership (or gift membership for a fried) and their choice of an SRT merchandise item (t-shirt, hat, tote bag).

Since this year’s seed collecting contest coincides with the opening of Dry Creek Preserve and Homer Ranch, we will also recognize the winner at the grand opening of the preserves. The new nature preserves will feature a demonstration garden to educate our community about the water-saving beauty of our valley and foothill native plant species.


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  1. Cat says:

    If only there were more beautiful people like you on this planet we’d all be better off. Peace.

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