Photo Contest Winners

Join us Friday, November 5th from 6-8 p.m at Arts Visalia for an art opening that will feature the winning photographs from SRT’s photography contest, “How Do You View Your Landscape?”. The following photos will be displayed along with paintings by Paul Buxman, renowned plein air painter and farmer who is the featured artist of the exhibit, “Visual Harvest: Paintings by Paul Buxman,” as part of the Kaweah Land & Arts Festival. Don’t miss it!

Jerry Smith, "St. Johns Rope Swing," Grand Prize Winner


One Response to Photo Contest Winners

  1. Matt Johnson says:

    Re. Cassie Gonzales, “The X-Streams of Three Rivers,”

    I copied/printed this photo to use as some needed inspiration for river foliage in part of a 8’x9′ wall mural I’m painting in my study. I’ve no idea if my printing this photo stepped on any ‘copyright toes.’
    If so please respond w/ your thoughts.
    I assure you this is literally and figuratively for ‘in house’ use only.


    Matt Johnson

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