A Testimonial: Landscaping with Native Plants

Echium in full bloom with Goldenrod coming up in May

Salvia and poppies in April

“We moved to Visalia in January 2009, went to your plant sale that month and started a native garden area in the backyard, and we love it!  It is gorgeous year round, takes less water, and is self-perpetuating!  I have started incorporating native plants in the front yard beds and throughout the yard, hoping to be ‘lawn-free’ in the next couple of years, and could not be happier with the plants I have bought at your sales.  Right now, my buckwheat is flowering and my goldenrod is over 7 ft tall, and gorgeous!  My native clematis has outgrown its trellis this year and I can’t wait ’til it blooms!  My deer grass is such an ornament and has become a mainstay of my landscaping plans.  And everytime I cut back the salvia, it reblooms. Again, thank you so much, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and the Sequoia Riverlands Trust as a community resource.”

– Jennifer McGuire

Thank you for your kind words!


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