SRT in the News

Water flows in Johnson Slough through the southern part of Kaweah Oaks Preserve on May 10. Photo by Teresa Douglass.

Teresa Douglass, writer for the Visalia Times-Delta, recently researched and wrote an amazing and comprehensive article about SRT’s six nature preserves, as well as the wonderful bird sanctuary at the Pixley National Wildlife Refuge. Please take a moment to read the whole article, found here. She also produced an informative video about why Kaweah Oaks Preserve and other nature preserves are so important. Below is just a short snippet of the article…

Likewise, Sequoia Riverlands Trust, a regional, nonprofit Central California land trust, manages its six nature preserves to benefit wildlife.

Conservation techniques include cattle grazing, controlled burns, creating ponds and even constructing a network of stream channels.

“Sequoia Riverlands Trust is here to preserve pieces of our past,” said Sopac McCarthy Mulholland, executive director at SRT. The six different SRT nature preserves range from Valley property to sycamore alluvial woodlands to foothills.

“Like pearls in a string, they link up to each other,” Mulholland said.

Today, we take a look at all seven of the Tulare County nature preserves.

And here’s another great article, written by Sabrina Ziegler of the Porterville Recorder, that comprehensively sums up the rich, informative, beautiful Native American cultural celebration at Kaweah Oaks Preserve last Saturday, May 29. This piece is also accompanied by a short and informative video.



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