“Go Native!” – Third annual Native American cultural celebration

Saturday, May 29, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Basketweaving classes. Native arts. Native plant sale. Guided hike of Kaweah Oaks Preserve.

Join us for a fun and educational day spent learning about and celebrating the rich Native American culture, art and traditions that once flourished in this Kaweah Delta region. This festival of Native American life and culture will be held under the shade of the great valley oaks at the Kaweah Oaks Preserve.

Participate in a traditional native ceremony, sit in on a basketweaving class, make a deerskin rattle, eat an Indian taco for lunch, take a guided hike of the preserve and purchase some native plants for your home. Learn about the importance of baskets, the native plants that are used to make them, the challenges traditional basketweavers face with regard to land access and pesticide use, and much more.

Schedule of Events:

10:00    Opening Prayer – Marie Wilcox

10:15     Welcome/History of Gathering – Jennifer

10:30     Basketweaving Classes Begin – All Day

  • Milkweed Rope – Don Jack
  • Deerskin Rattles – Sandy Clark
  • Tule Decoy Ducks – Diana Almanderez
  • Pine Needle Baskets – David Garcia
  • Willow Rattles – Nicola Larsen
  • Coil Baskets – Lawana Jasso

10:30     Guided Nature Hike

All Day:

  • Indian Tacos
  • Children’s Activities
  • Vendors /Crafts
  • Raffle (Drawings and winners announced all day)
  • Native Plant Sale (if you have any questions about native plants, contact Andrew Glazier, 559-737-8637)

12:00 – 1:30       Teachers Lunch/Break

1:30 – 2:30   Continuation of Basketweaving Classes

2:30  – 3:00   Closing Prayer / Teacher Recognition

Who: Jennifer Malone, event organizer and master basketweaver, is a full-blooded California Native American whose family is Wukchumni, Yowlumni, and Tachi. In partnership with Sequoia Riverlands Trust, Jennifer has been transplanting soaproot and gathering sedge from Kaweah Oaks Preserve for years. This will be her second year organizing the “Go Native!” event, which teaches local weavers how to gather these plants for use in weaving traditional baskets. Jennifer carries on a long family tradition of basketweaving, having learned it from watching her grandmother Beatrice Arancis. Jennifer also serves on the Board of Directors of the California Indian Basketweavers Association.

Where: Kaweah Oaks Preserve is located on Road 182, approximately seven miles east of downtown Visalia via Highway 198. Drive north on Road 182 one-half mile. Park on the west side of the road; walk past the gate to enter and meet in the picnic area.

Donation: $10 for Sequoia Riverlands Trust members; $15 non-members. Become a member that day and attend the program for free. Memberships start at $35 for an individual or $50 for a family.


One Response to “Go Native!” – Third annual Native American cultural celebration

  1. Andrew Glazier says:

    Thanks all for a wonderful event. I wouldn’t miss this next year for the world.

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