Film Screening – Kaweah Land & Arts Festival

Reedley College is promoting the release of their documentary film about the Kaweah Land & Arts Festival. The film focuses, in particular, on three artists featured at the festival: Matthew Rangel, John Spivey and Paul Buxman.

Please join us for this film event, which will be a sensational tour of the land and art of the Kaweah watershed.  The students, film director, artists and SRT will all be present to join the public in a conversation about the magnitude and influence of this cultural movement happening right here in our own backyard. The cultural movement is blurring the lines between the experience of art and the experience of nature. It’s truly exhilarating. We hope you’ll join us to celebrate the art, artists and land of the Kaweah!

The screening will be on Wednesday, May 19 from 6-8pm at Reedley College in the Student Center building, adjacent to the bookstore and a stone’s toss away from the centrally located campus fountain. Reedley College is located at: 995 North Reed Ave., Reedley, CA 93654.


6:00      Art exhibit opens
6:15      Welcome Dr. Hioco
6:20      Introduction of Art Faculty and students (Tom)
6:25      Introduction of Project (Janice Ledgerwood)
6:30      Introduction of Film (Diran Lyons)
6:35      Film Screening
7:05      Q & A (Diran and Janice)
Art exhibit and reception immediately following Q & A


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